Monday, July 4, 2011

Long long time ago

since the last post. Had a lot of work and projects to finish. The house where my work shop was, was closed by the building inspection office.
More than ten work shops had to move out of the building, because one guy broke trough the floor with his car...
And that only after 8 months in the old work shop, whereof 2 months only refurbishing was....FTW! Thanks to my Dad and his connections, he arranged a new Garage for me.

Look at that chaos! It took nearly one week to carry all the stuff out and in again,
because I had 12 hours to work every day and we made the move in the nighttime. Drove more than 400 kilometres between the two shops.
Deadline was 1st of July.
Next problem is all that stuff. The old work shop had 144 square meter and the new only 64 sq.m.
Still have to install a complete electric system and more lights.

Thanks to: Flixo, Mary, Micha, Freddi and Thomas for helping me out!

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