Tuesday, May 31, 2011


...are the best. Modified some new brass bolts this 
morning so that they look like the stock 
Amal bolts from 1940.

Stock - new - modified

I got the levers for free 
and the screws were not that expensive.
I think for that price 
I have a realy nice lever setup.

Did the same with the stainless fork bolts.

Monday, May 30, 2011

New Parts for the Speed-Twin

Got a pre-54 rear frame from a friend of mine. Laying in his cellar since 1983.
Now it´s back from sandblasting. I love the look of that old brazed cast parts a thousand times more
than the look of that after market frames. The problem is now that the rear frame was extended in the backtime.
Now it´s around +2" longer but arround 4" drop!!! It´s kind of lowrider look.
I guess it´s not rideable! I´m thinking about building a little frame jig and reusing the cast parts for a new rear frame around +2" and 2" drop. Now the rearframe is around +4" and 3" drop.

New Parts for the Tiger

Some new parts for the Tiger arrived.
A pretty rare NOS heel-toe gear lever T-1584 and right hand foot peg NOS F-1731 
with the Standoff F-1736.

Heel lever fits pretty tight to the inspection Cap. Only 2mm air when using, NICE!


...is wrong with Blogger. I couldn´t log in for several days.
My buddy Werner hit it harder. His complete Garage.Build.Bikes Blog isn´t working any more.
But he already did a complete new one.
What should I say, I think it´s already mostly better than the old one!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Indian Goodyear Board Track racers

After wrecking

Rare original Goodyear Blue Streak Board Track Tire mounted an a 1912 Indian Racer

Goodyear Blue Streak Board Tire

Wednesday, May 25, 2011



After a too long time I had some progress on my Speed-Twin. 
I just looked at the date from the last picture: February 18th......

Meantime I was collecting new and old parts, cleaning that scratch up and rebuild it.

Tonight I put all the parts together to see if my inner vision can come true.

To test the Rabbit ear bar I bought some cable channels at the hardware store and postformed them with some heat. The "Sissy Bar" is the same stuff. Will have to shorten the Honda fork arround  one to two inch.
My plan was to go with the classic look of the 19 and 16 inch wheels and the thicker Maund fork covers.
But then I tested the 21" front wheel.....

It´s looking awesome!!! Now I don´t know if I should go with the 7 1/2" Duplex or search for a mini drum brake from a Motocross. I think I have to use the thin Aris light and MCM fork covers than too.